Spiritual Victory
Sandra Spinozzi Andretti
Woman of Faith
   Be Still.  Hear His beauty in everything.  As the water flowing over the rocks in a stream, what peace and beauty.     Be Still.  Listen.  The chirping birds soaring over head. Feel the freedom. 
   Be Still.  Feel the sun warm you as God's Love penetrates your soul and heals you and holds you with His warm embrace. 
   Be Still.  The spectacular blue sky is radiant with endless possibilities. 
   Be Still.  The white puffy angel clouds look down on you and surround you with all of God's presence. 
   Be Still.  Feel His Peace. 
   Be Still.  Know there is only one way.  The Lord's one lane bridge. His way.  
   As our Journey continues...                                

May the Lord bless each and everyone one of you as your read this...  
Through out my life, every one of my prayers have always been answered.  In which case, I would advise you, be careful what you pray for.     

In Jesus' name I ask him to Bless you, from this moment on, your life will never be the same, beyond what you could ever imagine.  You will have this most profound shift in your life.  I am so thankful you have joined me in prayer as The Holy Spirit enters you and takes you to new levels of awareness.  Trust and believe in your greatness. The Lord wants great things for you.  Believe you are worthy of it.  Know that you are capable of doing anything.  I mean anything you set your mind to, if it is in line with God and his plan for you. Always be the best you can be! Continue to connect with The Lord or the higher power. Set you intension and simply ask Him for His guidance for every step of your journey.  He wants you to come to him for every little decision, I mean every little thing, that's how you begin to connect.  Thank him for EVERYTHING, over and over and over.  This is not magic, you must follow his rules.   Read his love letter to you, the bible and be the the best person you can be.  May The Lord Bless You and Keep You... and His Light Shine Upon You!!!  My Peace I give to You. I will continue to pray for you as I do, my family, friends and The Spiritual Victory Angels,  in my life.  As we know, when two or more join in prayer, God will surely answer your prayers. 
All My Love & Blessings,  Sand
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