Spiritual Victory
Sandra Spinozzi Andretti
Woman of Faith
   I have traveled the world and met all kinds of people.  I have found it does not matter where you are in the world, everyone seems to be searching for the same thing. We look for someone or something to guild us or to worship. We are all alike.  I personally believe we can not get anywhere in life without God or the higher power. Everyone has different beliefs and that's cool.  I believe the Lord creates us, we are all his children.  We are all meant to succeed.  God wants us to have the best of everything in life.  Just as parents want your children to have it all. 
   I have been very blessed throughout my life.  I have had the most incredible journey.  I have lived in Nazareth PA, my whole life.  I feel it's time to move on now that my children are grown.  I have two children, Marco and Marissa. They have a brother Lucca, he is like my angel from heaven.  I love him like he is my own.  My life has only just begun.  I feel I need to share my life with others to help empower them.  By the Holy Spirit, He will guild me on this journey, for that I am very thankful.
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